Cat hairspray

Christine "The Cat" Thompson is a contributor for Channel Awesome and one of the hosts of Nerd to the Third Power, a podcast featured on That Guy With the Glasses. She is also the newest co-host on the Thespian Talk podcast as well.

Thespian TalkEdit

Cat was a guest on the fifth episode of the new version of Thespian Talk. Cat also reappeared as a guest on the 21st episode of Thespian Talk and become a co-host of the show starting episode 24.

Crossovers and CameosEdit

To date, Cat has made four appearances in Play It to the Back Row, produced by Gomer the Ranting Thespian .

  • Low-G-Man
  • Madea's Family Reunion - The Play
  • Hairspray 2007
  • Footloose 2011


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