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Holly Christine

Holly Christine is the Director of Human Resources, head administrator of and is the newest co-host of Thespian Talk, beginning with episode 9 with Witchiebunny .

With Channel AwesomeEdit

In June 2010, Holly had been hired to take over updates for a time. After a while, they found out how much corporate experience she had and was given several new responsibilities. By the fall of 2010, Holly became the director of human resources and the head administrator of Helping out with various administrative duties on the website ,along with the legal stuff and HR related aspects of Channel Awesome makes her all around spectacular lady. This all entails a lot of policy making and procedures. She runs the corporate side of the company and Doug's Facebook.

Thespian Talk Co-HostEdit

During the three weeks in which Lady Renae was unavailable, Gomer the Ranting Thespian asked her to co-host two weeks in a row. He was impressed enough with her contribution to the show that he made her a regular co-host, making the show a three host show, as opposed to the two host show that was originally in place.