Sofie Liv Petersen, known also as Mis Liv, is a reviewer from Denmark. She is a member of both RT Gomer Productions and The Agony Booth.

She host a web-show by the name of red suitcase adventures, named after the red suitcase she found on a flee marked, and just looking at it, Sofie could come up with several small funny stories, convinced it could easily be a magical red suitcase with magic powers.

The suitcase itself appears in the title sequence though in spite of having planned to use it as a device in the web-show, that has not yet happened. As the suitcase turned out to be pretty old and started falling apart, Sofie is looking for a way to repair it before using it more.

Sofie is a performance art student, which means she studies in the art of life performance, she discovered the world of enternet reviewing through the Nostalgia critic at the very beginnings of the Thatguywiththeglasses site, and wished to make her own review show for years, but were to busy with studies and life performance, finally being done with a good number of studies and having moved to a more steady permanent location Sofie found the time, despite a clunky beginning she very soon enjoyed much positive response.

Her style is that of sillieness as Sofie very much wants to be a muppet or a cartoon figure, she attempts to inflict that on the show leading to a very randomn, silly kind of humour.